Ive had enough. Begone, the evil ghost!

Stop haunting me, I know its all over.

I know that any hope is now lost.

I know this trail is leading me to nowhere.


I dont know what it was that I did wrong.

I tried my best. I cared. I surrendered.

I hoped itd help, forefeeling was so strong.

It was for nothing. Loss by any standard.


Began with wonder. Ended with a nightmare.

My happiness has been ridiculously short.

I only could respond with quiet Bye, then.

What was the crime Im being punished for?!




Since that, Im desperately trying to forget.

I run through days in search of the oblivion.

But still I see around a ghost of what is dead,

Recalling times when dreams have still been living.


I cant accept it. I just cannot let it go.

I still am in pursuit of hollow fruitless hope.

I have to stop it. How? I really do not know.

I simply feel Im sliding down an endless slope.


Im trying to collect myself, and I just fail.

Sad feelings overcome all my resistance.

I wish I managed to find some kind of way

To get me out of mournful, sorrowful existence.




I will forget my dreams. I will erase my hopes.

The shadows of the past will disappear.

I will find out the things that future holds.

Its sad that when Ill do, you wont be here


To share it with me. Youll go with someone else.

This is the fate that you have now chosen.

Its done, forever. We will follow separate ways.

It is quite hard but Ill concede. Life goes on


And has its fair share for each one.

Thats all. Im free, and evil ghost is gone.