Amid the emptiness I stood, encircled by horizon.

No land, no sky, no water to be seen.

It was a space of gray and white, so limitless, so lifeless.

A universe of sameness, numb and still.


Then steady silence was disturbed; a sudden burst of movement

Has broken it with joyous splash of life.

A picture bright and colorful, epitome of beauty,

Expanded to reveal a wondrous sight.


Through ethereal entrance, I beheld a verdant garden.

Tall trees; soft grasses; touch of gentle wind.

Ive never seen a place so peaceful, flourishing and thriving;

I couldnt have resisted its appeal.


I didnt make a step but still was there in an instant,

As if this place has felt my eager wish.

The faceless void remained beyond, indifferent and distant,

An army that has come to lay a siege.


A glimpse of eerie light attracted me, and I came closer.

It was a tiny glade of grassy land

And single flower in the middle, probably a rose,

A delicate young bud on slender stem.


Adorable and graceful, it has had a trace of magic.

Its petals drifted in a color play.

Light-blue transmuted into ocean-green in quiet fashion,

And latter was then turning into gray.


This fragile masterpiece was so exciting and inspiring;

Elated, I regarded it in awe.

Defenseless spark of life, alluring, vigorous and vibrant,

It touched my heart like nothing did before.


I thought Id take this miracle with me; in my affection,

I would have cherished her the best I could.

She would have blossomed through my care, under my protection,

She would have been adored and loved for good.


A lovely jewel, shiny flawless pearl I would have treasured,

Wholeheartedly admired every day,

She would have brought me joy and have become my source of pleasure,

The one with thoughts of whom I would awake.


Led by these happy thoughts, I made my way towards the flower,

But in a mere heartbeat, I was stopped.

A metal fence appeared, fine and exquisite but tougher

Than any known steel; a stumbling block.


I made a backward step and saw the barrier dissolving.

The rose gleamed; my path was free again.

I tried to reach the glade once more; this time I moved more slowly,

But still was welcomed by the same defense.


I also tried to come from other sides to circumvent it,

But always faced a wall in front of me.

She calmly kept her distance anytime I was advancing,

The only option left was to retreat.


A little later, something moved among the trees and grasses.

It was a man approaching the glade.

He didnt notice me; he knelt beside the flower, touched her,

And she then turned her bud towards his face.


This person looked affectionate; he obviously cared.

I realized the depth of my mistake.

To this place, she belonged; shes never been endangered there,

It was her home soil, and she was safe.


I turned around quietly and walked away in silence.

The feelings in my heart were bittersweet.

It happens: nothing was done wrong but still you feel some sadness;

You know well the story is complete.