I Close My Eyes



Your image is right now before my eyes.

Because of you I do possess so much reflexion.

And I am thankful, as I said, to higher skies.

No one had ever been for me so special.


And whats the matter? What is special, tell me, please?

You know there is always something plain and simple.

Its better not to start to try and search the dears

For reasons to love them its truly laying deeper.


Im not afraid of using word to love,

As only stupid wont get sense of this expression.

I do not mean my older feeling thats enough.

Its known there is love without passion.


What does it mean? It means one loves a human,

Not woman, not a man the person and their soul.

For no reason just for manner of their doing.

One loves the person giving colour to the world.


And that is definitely right for my reflexion.

Im trying to explain why Im a friend for you.

There is a kind of personal attraction

Between two minds. Or souls. However that is true.