Not Feeling You


Some time has passed. A song again and now

Another situation, but the moods the same.

It simply comes to me, and I dont know how.

Maybe, its music that ignites my inner flame.


Some traces of that feeling, still existing,

Arent capable of ruling anymore.

Ive said a lot about this already finish!

Affection of a friendship nothing more.


But why am I returning to this feeling?

Why trying to explain it once again?

I cant avoid it, so again Im singing.

I dont know, what is now and will be then.


I havent seen you since the day of Christmas.

All I possess is hope and my common sense.

But its uneasy without feeling your existence

And having nothing but just guesses. Hence


Im sorta anxious. It is natural, I think.

Its normal if you lack the information.

I practically know: once you will come in

And say: Thats me. Thank you for being so patient.


But I dont know when its gonna happen.

I simply pray to see you at least once.

I am not sure that I will be happy.

That will be other situation, mood - and rhymes.