I had been writing songs and I still do.

These songs are not for any music, dear.

They are love-songs, about me and you,

The songs of heart that I continue hearing.


I thought I finished, I explained and said

All that I could about feelings and emotions,

But I cant stop, and still Im feeling sad.

Im trying to explain and here goes my notion.


Im pleased by sadness of the love

Thats true; this feeling is so pleasant,

That I dont want to lose it. Is it stuff?

I wonder. I reflect. It hasnt


Left me alone, and still Im thinking about you.

I said I didnt feel my love, and that is also true,

But I am really unable to forget you,

And I continue thinking after we are through.


And still I listen for Lété indien


The words je taime are not actual for me,

But therere other reasonable sayings,

Like es-tu and que fais-tu, they seem to be

The explanations of my feeling which is staying.


I can get rid of love I felt to you,

But Im unable to feel nothing to your living,

Your destiny, your path My dreams would not come true,

But Ill continue thinking, wondering and dreaming.


If you have trouble you can count upon me.

I will support you in whatever situation.

By now I'll be trying to be near and to be

At least a friend without continuation.