Youre new. The feelings are the same.

Refined a bit but easy to remember.

I didnt think theyd come to me again,

But here they are. I sense them, warm and tender.


Its been a lot. I seemed to have forgotten

That bright internal light that used to shine in me.

The words I wrote, the songs I sang I got them

Locked in a chest and threw away the key.


Why did I? Well, my love was gone,

The one I loved had chosen other road.

Were kinda friends but all the deeds are done,

We hardly talk and all I have are loads


Of memories. Thats fine. I never needed more.

I turned the page, I closed the book, and it was over.

Or so I thought. I didnt want to go there

And recollect the things behind the closed door.


I kept them as they were. They turned to memories themselves.

I watched them from afar and thought, Now, thats a funny picture.

Once vivid, living, vibrant changed into some empty shells,

Just no more meaningful than useless hollow scriptures.


My life was quiet since. I followed my path

And honestly believed that the forgotten past

Will never be recalled. I learned to gain control

Over my feelings, so my soul was calm and cold.


I watched. I estimated. I evaluated.

My mind assumed control over my heart.

So many things that could have really happened

Were just rejected at the very early start.


Then, I met you. You were so different.

Unlike just any other that I ever saw.

There were stark contrasts and some mysteries,

There was a spark. I wanted to know more.


What I discovered was a pure and lovely soul,

A creature delicate and kind, sincere and open-hearted.

Creative, smart, so trustful, and alone in the world,

Emotional and sensible at once. I simply was enchanted.


You have ignited light inside of me,

The same old fire that I used to carry

Within my heart. Its new and still the way its been.

I hope that this time its come to stay there.


I still remember how I told you about that.

That moments gonna stay with me forever.

Should there happen times when Ill be feeling sad,

Ill just recall your smile the happiest one ever.


I have some hopes in my heart for now.

I have a feeling that well be all right.

Thank you, my dear, that dont know how

You have brought back my glowing lovelight.