Endless Way Forward


The breeze is sending waves through tall and heavy flora.

Soft whispers, gleaming lights, and fragrant smells.

The sea of emerald is wavering and flowing;

A fair display of the natures wealth.


Primeval paradise looks welcoming and fruitful.

It promises a plethora of joy

And earthly pleasures to whoever could be looking

For simple healthy life on fertile soil.


However, this seductive landscape isnt peaceful.

Ones eyes can spot the dangers and the pains.

The stronger flourishes; the weaker has to wither

This is the law that wildlife never breaks.


A pack of wolves is chasing down a herd of deer;

A group of men is staging an attack

Against the dwellers of a small adjacent village,

Intending to enslave, to kill, to wreck.


Life has no value other than ones mere function,

The right to live is earned through self-defense;

This rich and fecund meadow has become a dungeon

Where everybody cares for themselves.


The ones who suffer would have gladly left this lowland,

But endless sea is bordering the place,

And quite a mighty, menacing, steep cliff is blocking

The only path on foot, the eastward way.


A minor grassy hill is found by the cliffside.

Some men and women, exquisitely dressed,

Have gathered on its top; they are all looking upwards,

At the imposing rocks wide open chest.


Indeed! A party of determined daring people

Is climbing the impregnable grey wall.

They have no proper tools and lack the good equipment,

But still they move and jump, they catch and hold.


The overwhelming height discourages the effort;

The quest looks futile in the giant shade.

The pioneers lives could all be lost forever

Because of their very first mistake.


Yet they advance, though every step feels like a challenge.

The cliff puts everybody to the test.

A push of wind; one girl has almost lost her balance

And was supported by a friends embrace.


The ones below gaze at them, perplexed and puzzled.

Some others look amused or stupefied.

They fail to grasp the fact that somebody would rather

Take such great pains to drop this wealthy life.


Why would these people start an enterprise this useless?

Why would this stupid young man help the girl?

Why fix the situation if he could abuse it?

Why would they change the comfortable world?


None of these questions bothers those who are ascending.

They know full well the abyss under them.

They pave the road so that others could escape it

And interrupt the course of cruel game.


No single step behind! A fall is very easy,

Extremely hard it is to climb again.

No treacherous return to nicely looking evil

That looks attractive to a weaker man.


So they go on; they want to finish this endeavor

And reach the summit that awaits ahead.

Right on the top, expecting, there is the Measure,

The beacon and the tool; the Razors Edge.