Imaginary You


Its you who cares most about my feelings,

Who waits for me to come and have a talk,

Whos not afraid of looking a bit silly

When we would laugh at some impromptu joke.


The one for whom all my emotions matter,

The one whod never leave me all alone,

Whod hug me just to make my morning better

And let me hear things that others wont.


Its you whod make a silence light and cozy,

Bring calmness to the troubled soul of mine

And share troubles that nobody knows of

To let me add some comfort to your life.


The warming presence; someone whos been closer

Than anyone Ive been connected with;

The one whod think of me; the one whod always

Forgive, accept, inspire, and relieve.


Its you who needs me, as much as I need you,

Who craves attention as much as I do,

Whos genuinely happy to have seen me

But is it just imaginary you?


Was I too eager for this lovely picture?

I might envision things that dont exist.

You know, ones mind would always make a mixture

Between what might be and what really is.


The real you is likely to be different:

I have a lot to learn about you yet.

But even if I only have been dreaming,

Im thankful to the fate that we have met.