, 酻

(.. )


I like it I am not the love of yours


I like it I am not the love of yours.

I like it you are not my one and only.

And never ever heavy globe of Earth

Will move away by now we are lonely.


I like it I dont have to follow manners,

Im freer, and I would not play with words.

I wont turn red like those other fellows,

By sudden wave of lightest touch of shirts.


I like it also, that in front of me

You freely embrace another woman,

And you dont pray that I occur to be

In flame of hell for kissing other human.


That my sweet name, my honey, you dont call,

In night or day in vain you really do not mention.

That for us in the silence of a church - at all! -

Hallelujah they wouldnt sing in tension.


Thank you from heart, and thank you - by my hand,

For loving me and ignoring the passion,

For loneliness at night, that Im possessing and

For rareness of meetings this is special.


For non-existing walks beneath the moon,

For sun that lights up not the our road,

For that alas! Im not the love of yours,

For that alas! youre not my one and only


15 2006