My Lovesong


Im listening for a kind of song,

A song about man and woman.

Lété indien this is its name.

In my condition, it is moving.


Maybe, for singer text is abstract,

But now, for me, it is quite true.

While singing it I neednt be an actor,

Alone with my feeling feeling blue.


Including sense into my singing

Of course, Ive got a reason to do this.

The reason is that I cant keep from thinking

About you, with whom Ive once been singing with.


That time my love inspired me to sing,

And there also was a sense in that creation,

A little later, suddenly, love went away; to bring

It back it seems impossible. Forever all the passion


Will be a kind of dream of something passed for me


I dont feel love for you, I dont feel anymore,

And thats my state since last New Year.

But still I thank you for the love you gave to me.

By now I know that I loved just the you-ideal.


Remaining friends it is the best for us

That time I thought about it like this, my dear.

And now, surely, I understand: I can, I must

Keep silent when you go away from here.


But it is painful when I let you go

My dear, I want you to know:


My old love is somewhere inside me,

Ill always love you, my ideal, my first love,

I will remember you as my first love.

By now, honey, thats the right thing.