Yesterday the city has been shiny,

Basking in the clear winter sun.

This day, fog is gathering around me

Make a thousand paces, find no one.


I am as uncertain as the nature

Floating between the two extremes.

Worried, hopeful, careful, impatient,

Mixing comfort and concern in dreams.


In the morning, I could see the vista,

Challenging but treadable and bright.

We just need to be a little wishful,

Chart the route and walk it side by side.


In the night, Im overwhelmed by doubt

Clouding my judgement, our fate.

I resist it yet I still allow it,

Wondering if this is just too late.


Very soon, the city will be shining,

Basking in the glory of the sun.

Clouds will, however, stay around me:

Fate of two cannot be made by one.