I had a lot of thoughts about you

And feelings binding us together.

At first I thought that I loved you, I do

And will love you forever, ever.


Then, after that, another thought

Had come and captured my attention.

I thought you were a friend of mine,

And love was not the proper thing to mention.


I dont know why I changed my mind,

It seems that there was no certain reason.

I seldom saw you; that could make me find

Another attitude throughout winter season.


Time passed: spring, summer; fall began,

We met once more. I saw you often.

One day I realized that I love you again.

How could it be? What should I offer


As reason when I ask myself about my reaction?

I cannot even give a name to this.

There is no such a word, it should be called re-passion ...

But feeling it, I really was pleased.


I loved you all the time. Another explanation

I really cannot find. What will be later? I dont know.

But I dont think it is the final station.