I wish that I could write a song.

My soul is longing for a bit of music.

Its been like half a year, right?

I have been struggling, and I have been losing.


I wanted to forget but didnt quite succeed.

My memory would not give up that easy.

Some things were left behind, abandoned and dismissed,

Unspoken of and that might be the reason.


Uncertainty still lingers in my mind,

Disquieting, disturbing kind of feeling.

One has it when no answer would be right

Because the riddle has a multitude of meanings.


I wish that I could ask. I wish I could respond.

That would relieve me from the heavy burden.

We both would know. We both would understand.

We would have banished the malicious warden


That stands between us since the winter day

When I had told you that you should pursue your way,

That brings uneasiness and tenseness when we meet,

Reminding us of what we said and did.


Then I would know that wed settled all the matters

And there is no issue left behind.

Maybe you also would be feeling a bit better,

And this affair will be lost in sands of time.